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Date: 2020-07-03 07:06:01

Hacker News Headlines
  1.  Openstreetmap, a global map for worldwide insight (
  2.  Guietta – Python module to create simple GUIs (
  3.  Leonardo Da Vinci’s the Last Supper in a New Gigapixel Image (
  4.  Finding the 'invisible' millions who are not on maps (
  5.  EU safety agency suspends Pakistani airlines' European authorisation (
  6.  On Moving from Statistics to Machine Learning, the Final Stage of Grief (
  7.  Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks (
  8.  Anti-algorithmic music: How Bandcamp is helping artists beat the odds (
  9.  Digital Psycholgy (
 10.  The BEAM Book (2017) (
 11.  Barclays Bank Using Internet Archive as CDN for JavaScript Files (
 12.  A 1950s proposal to nuke Alaska (
 13.  Derailing illusions that kill: misperceptions at railway crossings (2003) (
 14.  In Defense of Hiring Based on Side Projects (
 15.  New Mexico's Singing Road (
 16.  AsciiDoc Language Submitted to Eclipse Foundation (
 17.  Abstract Wikipedia (
 18.  In the future, lab mice will live in computer chips, not cages? (
 19.  Algolia introduces pay-as-you-go pricing for search (
 20.  Oppose the Earn IT Act (
 21.  A Theory of History and Society: Technology, Constraints and Measurement (TCM)
 22.  A Roundtable on Covid-19 and the Attention Economy (
 23.  The Reformer – Pushing the limits of language modeling (
 24.  Invasive, secretive “bossware” tracking workers (
 25.  Json-Base – Database built as JSON files (
 26.  The Sci-Hub Effect: Sci-Hub downloads lead to more article citations (
 27.  Court Rules Facebook Widgets Can Be Considered Wiretaps (
 28.  Ask HN: After Slate Star Codex, where are the nuanced discussions?
 29.  Impraise (YC S14) is hiring a front-end engineer in Amsterdam (React, GraphQL) (
 30.  A researcher on how to live a happy life (
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CBC News Headlines
Featured Content
Doubt cast over Trudeau's assertion that only WE Charity can run $900M student grant program
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's claim that only the WE Charity could administer a $900 million student grant program for students is being disputed by some experts in the sector who say other
organizations would be up to the task or have more experience.
Politics |July 3
Manitoba town reeve 'shocked' over armed man's arrest at Rideau Hall
The armed man arrested after allegedly ramming his truck through the front gate of Rideau Hall always had a friendly word for customers who came to the grocery store where he worked in a small
municipality about 400 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, the town reeve said.
Canada -Manitoba |July 3
U.S. son can't see sick mother in Canada because he's not 'immediate family' under current regulations
Mary Goldman says she was shocked when the Canada Border Services Agency confirmed that her brother wouldn't be allowed in the country because he does not fall under any of the categories for a
family exemption, even though their mother is Canadian.
Canada |July 3
Canadian drivers with U.S. licence plates harassed by fellow Canadians
Some Canadians driving cars with U.S. licence plates say they've endured vandalism, harassment and even a minor assault from fellow Canadians convinced that they're Americans illegally in
Business |July 3|
What social science says about convincing people to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
How do you convince people in Canada to wear masks? Experts say mandating, not just recommending it, would go a long way to helping people see them as necessary as wearing seatbelts and driving sober.
Health |July 3
Hamilton — film version of Broadway smash hit — arrives with much-needed burst of inspiration
Entertainment |July 3|
What on Earth?
Why Indigenous architecture is 'a positive force that supports nature'
Technology & Science |July 3
Morning Brief
Get informed on the top stories of the day in 1 quick scan
July 3
Pro-democracy leader Nathan Law leaves Hong Kong
World |July 3
B.C. First Nations disappointed Supreme Court won't hear their appeal of Trans Mountain project
Indigenous |July 2
Blue Jays training camp to be held in Toronto
Sports -Baseball -MLB |July 3|
Man charged with negligence in Quebec tractor accident that killed 3 children
Canada -Montreal |July 3
Canadian Ranger arrested after gaining access to Rideau Hall grounds
Canada -Ottawa |July 3
WE Charity saw resignations, departures from senior ranks before landing government contract
Politics |July 2
CBC Investigates
How undocumented migrant workers are slipping through Ontario's COVID-19 net
Canada |July 2
Coronavirus: Texas governor orders masks be used in counties with more than 20 cases
World |July 2
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More CBC News
British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on charges related to Epstein investigation
World |July 2|
Supreme Court dismisses First Nations' challenge against Trans Mountain pipeline
Canada -British Columbia |July 2
Record flooding in Manitoba fuels evacuation of homes amid fears aging dam will fail
Caitlyn Gowriluk
Canada -Manitoba |July 2|
Canadian released from Egyptian prison after almost 500 days in custody
John Paul Tasker
Politics |July 2
Canada's 5 big banks join anti-hate advertising boycott of Facebook
Business |July 2|
Record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste dumped globally last year, says UN report
Technology & Science |July 2|
Some good news from around the world on Thursday
July 2
Boost in support for Liberals the biggest for a minority government in 60 years
Éric Grenier
Politics |July 2|
Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on July 2
World |July 3
Investors make Tesla most valuable car company in the world despite being outsold by Toyota 25-1
Pete Evans
Business |July 2
China, pro-Beijing activists condemn foreign pressure over Hong Kong
World |July 2
Former Israeli foreign minister calls on Netanyahu to abandon West Bank annexation plan
Margaret Evans
World |July 2
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#419 +(79)- [X]
<Islandx55> wtf is a-team
#1097 +(1109)- [X]
[D1] You know, I started the slammer routine.
[D1] when everyone was playing for pogs
[D1] I put down my slammer
[D1] and it started a huge trend
[D1] then EVERYONE played for slammers
[Guilty] You put it on the pile?
[D1] yeah
[Guilty] Thats just stupid
[D1] I was a high roller.
(McMoo) are you guys discussing pog tactics?
[D1] yes
#1836 +(505)- [X]
<McMoo> some gorgeous ladies asked me if i knew where building PHR was today
<McMoo> i should have worked it all smooth style
<McMoo> and told them it was in my pants
#2461 +(586)- [X]
<pSa007> what is the difference between nintendo64 and commodore64?
#3259 +(487)- [X]
(acidic) i love it how my g/f calls me "fucker" with so much affection.
#3318 +(331)- [X]
<@Epyon[UOPG]> Giren's Greed is being remade on PS2
* @Epyon[UOPG] faints
*** Joins: Buster
<Nomadic_Dragon> What was it for originally?
<Buster> self-arousal
<Buster> im pretty sure.
#4183 +(71)- [X]
››› ( ¤ ) Topic Change: prence sets topic to <Male Camwhore Act>I will now send you a cum filled
tube sock if you buy something off my wishlist, thanks!</Male Camwhore Act>
#6749 +(249)- [X]
<josh> I was on this conf one time and they were doing 3way calling to prank call grocery stores,
and this chick would ask if they had keilbasa, then ask if it would be good for 'experimenting" with
<josh> this one guy was like "yeah, it'd work good for that"
#7871 +(215)- [X]
<damnyoure> where did you find that link
<Spoof> google
<damnyoure> and why would you believe something that some ass posted :/
<Spoof> cause he is .edu :D
#9178 +(41)- [X]
<lovemebaybee'> hey guys asl?
<rafeil> she just wants to be loved, look at her screen name
<helminthes> so stick it to her.. a sharp knife that is
#10508 +(125)- [X]
<Xaotika> well its kinda hard to play with a ping over 200
<Acheron> whine, whine, whine... ;)
<Xaotika> actually i can manage 250 or 300
<cj_> you don't complain about your ping when you are winning :)
<Xaotika> thats because my ping is not over 300 when i am winning. DUH.
#12317 +(466)- [X]
<gorilla> ANY GIRLS HERE
<Lan> yeah, wanna cyber?
<gorilla> YES
<gorilla> HOW
<Lan> sorta like this
* gorilla ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Lan> a little to the left
#14214 +(859)- [X]
<Ryan> my mom was killed by mobile phones
<mal> she has only herself to blame
<Ryan> no really, she was using it in a storm
<mal> and?
<Ryan> lightening
<mal> then what?
<Ryan> mobile phone truck ran her over
#15956 +(881)- [X]
<mrm> i hate realplayer
<lummie> its good for cartoons
<mrm> yeah
<mrm> but it crawls deep into the anus of my computer
<mrm> and hides there eternally
<mrm> until i least expect it
<JtHM> your computer has an anus?!
<Fesh> realplayer installs it
#17397 +(538)- [X]
<SAMMY> i'm getting pototao ships
<SAMMY> chiptns
<SAMMY> fuck it
<LoRdZephyR> SHIPS
<LoRdZephyR> LOL
<LoRdZephyR> gonna go sailing?
<SAMMY> fucking chopked on a ship
#18469 +(190)- [X]
<Fembot> Apple is co-branding a cpu line w/ Monty Python. it'll be called the
#22806 +(101)- [X]
<Scofco> being a global operator is annoying, you see everyone that comes and goes from the server
<phaded> the things some people complain about...
#26666 +(1060)- [X]
<Threeboy> it's cause we're all infected with IRC.
<mutatedjellyfish> speak for yourself
<mutatedjellyfish> im a scientific observer of the victims of this "IRC"
<mutatedjellyfish> me and my associates are working on developing a cure
<Threeboy> doc, we need 55cc's of social life, STAT!
<mach_one> NOOOOOOOO!
<mach_one> get that needle away from me!
* mach_one runs back to his cave
<mutatedjellyfish> restrain him!
#27893 +(172)- [X]
<Rick^y>shit, one time, i jerked off into kleenex, but i didn't have enough time to through it out
cause the phone rang
<Rick^y>so i forget about the kleenex, and couple hours later i end up wiping my mouth with it
#27921 +(315)- [X]
<Kiko> I love you guys
<@mjau> we love you too kiko
<@mjau> dude, kiko... isnt that a type of soy sauce
<@mjau> KIKOMAN
<@mjau> hehehe
<@mjau> salty yet delicious
<Kiko> Thats what SHE said
<Kiko> :)
#29442 +(1384)- [X]
<Phuser> Last night the power went out. Good thing my camera had a flash...I took 65 pictures of
myself making a sandwich...My neighbors thought it was lightning in my house, so they called the
#37136 +(408)- [X]
<bloop> that's a moot point
<SLing> your mom's a moot point
<bloop> you're cats a moot point
<SLing> your spelling is a mott point
<SLing> ...damn
#43242 +(663)- [X]
<Angel> Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there
would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer
#45440 +(60)- [X]
<rioter> cd location of file
<rioter> rpm -Uvh full file name.rpm
<_Larez-> didint worked
<rioter> ...
<_Larez-> I didint put in the files name
<_Larez-> just pasted what you typed
#46925 +(606)- [X]
<DieHard> I was lagging so bad it felt like i was shouting binary codes through a pay phone.
#48994 +(207)- [X]
* Daimyou starts rapping
<Daimyou> SUPAH MARKEEEEEET!!!!111111
<Daimyou> SUPAH MARKEEEEEET!!!!111111
<Daimyou> SUPAH MARKEEEEEET!!!!111111
<Daimyou> SUPAH MARKEEEEEET!!!!111111
<Daimyou> THE ENDZ0RZ
#53284 +(660)- [X]
<@Headlor> when i live somewhre less gay
<@Headlor> im getting a cat
<@Headlor> and calling it "Hitler Stalin Mao"
<@Headlor> or just stalin
<@Headlor> "whats your cat called?"
<@Headlor> "stalin."
<@Headlor> "."
<@Headlor> ill write on its littertray "human rights"
<@Headlor> and on its bowl "flesh of the capitalist pig dogs"
#55231 +(369)- [X]
<SO|Razor> treize do you believe in other intelligent life?
<SO|Treize> in the universe?
<SO|Treize> or on forums?
<SO|Razor> .............
#56749 +(363)- [X]
Chant320: Hey. Tomorrow is national shut the fuck up with the stupid chain letters day. It never
hurts to get a head start.
#79945 +(449)- [X]
<Torke> and now
<Torke> my dad's get a quad for his birthday
<Torke> he's turning 50
<Grimp> don't let him near the rocket launcher
#80322 +(2142)- [X]
<DarkKnight> I came home on Sunday night and I found my mom staring at me and looking annoyed.
<DarkKnight> I smelled her cooking and asked what she cooked and she responded by saying, "I didn't
make any food for you!"
<DarkKnight> She seemed very pissed so I decide to go downstairs to avoid her.
<DarkKnight> When I was just about to leave she asked me if I bought a new game. I had no clue what
she was talking about, so I said no.
<DarkKnight> "You sure? " she said, "nothing Male to Male?"
<DarkKnight> I was very confused and disturbed by this question because my mom seemed to be accusing
me of being gay.
<DarkKnight> I said no again and she told me she found a box that said male to male on it.
<DarkKnight> I stood there and thought for a minute and then I realized what she was talking about.
I ran downstairs and showed her what she looked at:
<DarkKnight> It was the box for my male-to-male s-video cord. My mom thought I was gay because I
bought an s-video cord.
<silverpig> Just for kicks, you should leave the box for your 3 in 1 KVM cable laying around and she
what she says about that.
#86232 +(807)- [X]
<Jeff> I'm such a ditz, I dialed my phone number into the microwave
#90323 +(239)- [X]
<S2K> Rap - It's like making love to your grandparents.
<andyhere> wtf since when was rap quick and exciting?
#95174 +(796)- [X]
<epix> my mom said she wasn't afraid of me having sex, she said quote," No one would want you to
fuck them anyway"
#95696 +(228)- [X]
<DragonBlaze> I want to name my kids after people I hate, so I can beat them - and feel good about
#105892 +(265)- [X]
<fallen> let me tell ya its hard to keep up when wanking to death metal..
#107373 +(286)- [X]
< kriptik> !sites
< BassBoy> !sites
< kriptik> !geeks-in-g-strings
< BassBoy> !nude-animals
< kriptik> !greasy-ewok-bitches
< BassBoy> !underage-gerbil-sluts
< kriptik> you win :(
#113423 +(148)- [X]
<Locke> I went on an exciting box and pie adventure.    It wasn't nearly as sexual as it
#118631 +(597)- [X]
<kohupiimakook> how can u connect two computers
<kohupiimakook> like lan, but without ethernet card
<suksu> with glue maybe
#138653 +(198)- [X]
<doogul> he can kline but he can't kill? wtf? lol
<doogul> that's like being able to jack off but you can't take your pants off
#176068 +(230)- [X]
<sekira> it was like 4 PM and my friends grandma msg'd him on aim
<sekira> and she asked if he was still busy doing his homework.
<sekira> I was really bored, so I went on his comp and said "wtf?" and she replied: "wait til five?"
#213669 +(359)- [X]
<fr3ak-> atleast when you lose your virginity you will still have the box it came in
#260690 +(414)- [X]
*** Trel_Nadal is now known as ElmerFudd 
[ElmerFudd] Shhhhhhhhh!!! Be vewwy vewwy quiet...I'm hunting wamers...Huhuhuhuh 
[ElmerFudd] Wook!! a wascawy wamer!!! 
[ElmerFudd] KaBoom!!!!! 
*** ElmerFudd sets mode: +b *!*implyunix@* 
*** SimplyBSD|fuck was kicked by ElmerFudd (Oh! No! I killed the wamer!!!.) 
*** ElmerFudd is now known as Trel_Nadal
#349135 +(7274)- [X]
<beser> Today my History class took a feild trip to the Museum of Tolerance. Its a museum showing
kids not to be prejudice and all that good stuff.
<beser> Anyways, one exhibit is two doors next to each other. One door has a sign hanging over it
saying "Those with prejudice walk through this door" The other door's sign said "Those without
prejudice walk through this door". Obviously the door for people without prejudice isn't openable
because as the tour guide says "Everyone has prejudice".
<beser> So, I start tugging on the door and say "What the hell is wrong with this damn door, did
some damn Jew make this?" and the tour guide kicked me out and i had to sit in the bus for 15
#426305 +(537)- [X]
<Innkeeper> ===== Question 15588/19999  =====
<Innkeeper> What is the first book of the Bible
<Innkeeper> Hint: @@@@@@@
<looloo> genocide
#616894 +(1682)- [X]
<inspin> so just as I cutting into my pizza, the bell rang
<inspin> It was the little girl from nextdoor, asking where my sister was
<inspin> so I hold up the knife covered in tomatosauce and say in an evil voice "she's not here
right now"
<3ll3> LOL
<inspin> so she screams and runs away
<inspin> I felt guitly so I start chasing her saying "I'm sorry"
<inspin> Then her father sees me chasing after his little girl with, what he must have thougt, a
bloody knife
<3ll3> I hope he called the cops on you :p
<inspin> well no, but I don't think I'm getting my knife back anytime soon :(
#654170 +(2082)- [X]
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: i got owned by my bio TA earlier in the year
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: she was like "So, what are some possible effects from mutated genes?"
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: i said "Well, it could cause different coding of proteins, or it could cause you to
develop special powers, like retractable claws from your hands"
D1v1d3 8y Z3r0: the TA was like, "Wrong.  Those claws are government implants.  Wolverine's mutant
power is his healing ability."
#676795 +(1032)- [X]
neeley_09: I just realized that I'm kind of a rarity on IRC...
diablo: What do you mean?
neeley_09: Well, I actually play aports sometimes, and I do things with people, except in real life
diablo: Hey, not everyone on IRC is a geek
neeley_09: What's the biggest thing you've done today?
diablo: I played Oblivion for a few hours, I guess
neeley_09: ....
neeley_09: You can't even lie about it?
#771212 +(1368)- [X]
(lawl_) i like my women how i like my wine, 5 years old
(DevilsX) I like women the way I like my filesystem
(DevilsX) FAT and 16
#848957 +(2632)- [X]
Nameskaz: can you help me with an experiment real quick?
MarineWife021406: sure
Nameskaz: let me see you naked
MarineWife021406: no
Nameskaz: you see, these fortune cookies are bullshit
Nameskaz: "Your courage will reward you" my ass

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