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Date: 2021-03-08 07:06:01

Hacker News Headlines
 1.  Food Prices Soar Globally (
 2.  Remembering Allan McDonald, who refused to approve the Challenger launch (
 3.  Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life (
 4.  Julia: A Post-Mortem (
 5.  Lord of the Ring(s): Side Channel Attacks on the CPU On-Chip Ring Interconnect (
 6.  OneSignal Is Hiring Engineers in California, New York, Texas, and the UK (
 7.  The Kilobyte’s Gambit (
 8.  Game Theory – Open Yale Courses (
 9.  Conways Game of Life on Blockchain (
10.  Best practices can slow your application down (
11.  UC’s termination of Elsevier contract has had limited negative impact (2020) (
12.  Programming Paradigms, Turing Completeness and Computational Thinking (
13.  Talking with your hands alters the perception of your words (
14.  Instacart mulls direct listing in snub to IPOs (
15.  Popular YouTubers who are building their own sites (
16.  Medical researcher discovers integration, gets 75 citations (2007) (
17.  What Happens Inside a 100-Hop IPv6 Wireless Mesh Network? (
18.  Review: The Book of Why (
19.  A Solution to the RWP for Exam 1 – Stealing Power (2006) (
20.  Launch HN: PingPong (YC W21) – Video messaging for remote teams
21.  Qubes-Lite with KVM and Wayland (
22.  Conversations almost never end when both parties want them to: study (
23.  A Second Conversation with Werner Vogels (
24.  Modern action films fetishize the body even as they desexualize it (
25.  Ask HN: Can you switch to a programming career despite nearing 40?
26.  Show HN: I made a parser visualizer using manim (
27.  Show HN: Counter – Simple and Free Web Analytics (
28.  Google advised mental health care when workers complained about racism, sexism (
29.  Why I rewrote my Rust keyboard firmware in Zig: consistency, mastery, and fun (
30.  We may soon have city-spanning 900 MHz mesh networks (
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CBC News Headlines
Featured Content
The Meghan and Harry interview: A 'damaging' view on race as Palace history repeats itself
The Meghan and Harry interview: A 'damaging' view on race as Palace history repeats itself
Duke and Duchess of Sussex offered numerous revelations that are sure to rattle the monarchy
March 8
Meghan says Royal Family had concerns about Archie's skin colour as Harry reveals rift with father
Royal Fascinator
Tensions with palace rise ahead of Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah
Prince Harry, Meghan reveal struggles behind royal rift in Oprah interview
Alberta MLA was monitored by 5 different police officers, documents show
Over the last four years, Lethbridge NDP MLA Shannon Phillips has had suspicions that some members of the city’s police force have been monitoring her. A cache of newly released documents show she was
Canada -Calgary |March 8
Calgary mom accuses courier giant DHL of charging 'hidden fees'
A Calgary mom says international courier DHL needs to be upfront about its “hidden fees.” The fees are often lumped in with duty and tax charges but in fact go entirely to the company. A business
ethics lawyer says companies that aren’t transparent run the risk of losing customers.
Go Public |March 8|
Multiple WE Charity donors raised money for same borehole well in Kenyan village
Three groups donated tens of thousands of dollars each in 2013 to WE Charity, then known as Free the Children, for what turned out to be the same well in a village in Kenya, contributing total amounts
that far exceeded the cost of the project and raise questions about what the charity did with the extra money that was collected.
Canada |March 8
George Floyd murder trial tests how much — if anything — will change in U.S.
Minneapolis is on edge as the George Floyd murder trial tests how much, if anything, will change in the U.S. almost 10 months after the killing sparked global outrage.
World |March 8
Kenney's close call: How the conservative grassroots put Alberta's premier on notice
While top Alberta government officials looked for ways earlier in the year to turn the page on a difficult month, some in the United Conservative Party were musing about whether it was time to turn
the page on Premier Jason Kenney himself.
Canada -Calgary |March 8|
Morning Brief
Get informed on the top stories of the day in 1 quick scan
March 8
COVID-19 has added to the educational barriers girls and women face around the world
Opinion |March 8|
Vaccine passports, certificates on the table as Canada ramps up inoculation rollout
March 7
Are all COVID-19 vaccines created equal?
March 8
How the pandemic could create the flexible workplaces parents need
Business |March 8|
At least 20 dead, hundreds hurt after explosions rock military barracks in Equatorial Guinea
World |March 7
Conservatives to call aides to Sajjan, Trudeau to testify about Vance allegations
Politics |March 7
What's an NFT? And why are people suddenly spending millions on them?
Business |March 7|
How to know if your kid has COVID-19 — and what to expect if they do
Radio -White Coat - Black Art |March 5
Pope Francis meets father of drowned Syrian boy whose death sparked global outrage
World |March 8
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Must Watch - 10 videos
Prince Harry, Meghan reveal struggles behind royal rift in Oprah interview
7 hours ago
Trial for George Floyd’s killing brings heightened emotions and security
8 hours ago
Vaccines won’t be the end of masks, physical distancing, Tam says
9 hours ago
Thousands rally for return of youth sports in Quebec
9 hours ago
Alberta MLA Shannon Phillips quietly monitored by local police
9 hours ago
What still worries Dr. Theresa Tam one year into the COVID-19 pandemic
20 hours ago
Wayne Gretzky emotionally eulogizes his late father Walter at the funeral
2 days ago
Ontario to accelerate inoculations as vaccine supply ramps up
3 days ago
J&J vaccine good for less accessible, marginalized communities, doctor says
3 days ago
Pope makes historic trip to Iraq to bolster dwindling Christian community
3 days ago
More CBC News
Why winter exercise can be especially hard on the lungs
Laura Glowacki
Canada |March 7|
Queen celebrates unity in Commonwealth address, ahead of Harry and Meghan interview
World |March 7
Advocates urge Liberals to cancel 'devastating' cut to services for Canadians with print reading disabilities
Richard Raycraft
Politics |March 7|
From Prairies to Bollywood: Record deal shows power of TikTok to get diverse artists noticed
Laura Sciarpelletti
Canada -Saskatchewan |March 7
What happens when you turn a psychopath into a therapist?
March 6
Could your race affect your home's value? Air Canada agrees to COVID-19 refunds: CBC's Marketplace cheat sheet
Business |March 7
Italian politicians targeting LGBTQ people to divert attention away from the COVID economy, experts say
Megan Williams
World |March 7|
Czech Republic provides cautionary tale as once-promising COVID-19 situation spirals out of control
Don Murray
World |March 7
Famed hockey dad Walter Gretzky remembered as family man, proud Canadian
Sports -Hockey -NHL |March 7|
At home for a year, office workers complain of aches, pains and Zoom fatigue
Thomas Daigle
Technology & Science |March 6
NHL star's mom donates kidney to arena manager who let her boys skate extra hours
Andrew Lupton
Canada -London |March 6|
Acting chief of the defence staff addresses 'beyond troubling' culture in Canada's military
Raisa Patel
Politics |March 6
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#290 +(728)- [X]
<Evilspoon> Legalize cigarettes!
<Evilspoon> wait nm
#1142 +(569)- [X]
<BlackDeth> "Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Is this what you want?"
<BlackDeth> hah
<BlackDeth> stupid
#1967 +(576)- [X]
<JDigital> It's official: Nostradamus was a stoner.
<JDigital> His name wasn't even Nostradamus. It was Michel du Nostredame
<JDigital> Nostradamus was just his IRC nick
#2204 +(315)- [X]
<DAL9000> you've never called me dustin before
<DAL9000> you sick?
<Guilty> I bet you thought you had a decent name until Saved by the Bell's Dustin Diamond came
"screeching" in
#5694 +(745)- [X]
<Luke> spammers probably love receiving spam. "Grow your penis 150% overnight? Why didn't we think of
that one!"
* delYsid has mortage, opportunity and penis in his score file.
<delYsid> thats pretty effective against spam
<Luke> aren't you worried about missing opportunities to mortgage your penis?
#6646 +(311)- [X]
<rewben> we are not perverts ;p
<akiron> speak for youself ;)
#6935 +(241)- [X]
<rayena> Oh great.. I'm covered with salad again
<michael> Lesbian salad wrestling, on the next Jerry Springer
#8031 +(235)- [X]
<iggypop> licking my own sweaty balls > quicktime
#8256 +(298)- [X]
<BounceWithMe> Shagman... 8==o  suck it.
<@shagman> BounceWithMe... ())========D choke on it.
#8708 +(369)- [X]
<DW-Steve> i'm a hacker
<mystican> no you're not
<mystican> you're a farmer
<mystican> theres a difference
#8814 +(12995)- [X]
<Night-hen-gayle> I gotta go.  There's a dude next to me and he's watching me type, which is sort of
starting to creep me out.  Yes dude next to me, I mean you.
#9978 +(1130)- [X]
adam_afe > I just got a nice email from the most beautiful woman in the world :~)
adam_afe >Laura!! :-)
Urthworm_afe > what does she say?
adam_afe > err..
adam_afe > "Fuck off and stop emailing me you stupid worthless gimp."
#10941 +(566)- [X]
<Drezdar> I am a white, supple 21 year old male from New York City.  I enjoy the big life...when I
leave my house.  I enjoy computer games, PS2 games, Xbox games, Dreamcast games, SNES games, N64
games, GBA games, Genesis games, Amiga 500 games, C64 games, Atari 800XL games, and porn.  I am very
good at masturbation so I think I would be very good in bed.  If you would like to meet me, email me
or cyber me on AIM.
#13728 +(202)- [X]
<Darth-Phenom> So was Nadine?
<Sumez> Nice
<Sumez> She liked big cocks
<Sumez> And she did oral
<Yolkhead> Luckily you are a big cock then.
#15517 +(38)- [X]
<RadAghazt> Two British guys in a plane from the UK to the US set off terrorist alarms by their
strange behaviour.
<RadAghazt> They were smoking crack and locked themselves into the bathroom to have sex several times
during the flight.
#15738 +(140)- [X]
<DWildstar> ARRRCH
<DWildstar> i told a guy at work where to find a password for a server so he
  finds it then fucking privmsg's it to me on irc "is this it?"
#17273 +(385)- [X]
<0dan0> i have peed like 10 minutes in the last 5 minutes
#21217 +(245)- [X]
<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> man this sucks
<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> i got new deoderant and it smells like my grandpas cologne
<SVJ-FuNiOnZ> so i cant jackoff without seeing a mental image of my grandpa
#22076 +(183)- [X]
<Capt_A> dude lol
<Capt_A> i got an email from a goverment agent
<[OKW]BlueDevil> lol
<[101st]Nutted> cool
<Capt_A> i think they got the wrong address
<[101st]Nutted> e-mail him back and say "i know who really killed kenedey"
<Capt_A> lol
#22641 +(228)- [X]
<unknown> once I was wanking while playing doomII and someone snuck up behind me and shot me in the
back with his shotgun and I almost tore off my helmet.. Folks I am telling you it's not fucking worth
#31632 +(328)- [X]
<CreepingDeath> what was that other guy
<CreepingDeath> during WWII
<CreepingDeath> he was in charge of the concentration camps
<CreepingDeath> argh can't remember his name
<Malek> colonel klink?
#34222 +(24)- [X]
* Carson_Marl continues to sing loudly as he showers, "Yoda! Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yooooodaaaaaaaa!"
* Carson_Marl continues to shower and sing, "Music and blasters and old Jedi Masters at the..."
#36782 +(484)- [X]
<James> I had an idea the other day.. Set up a website for all the people around the world who work
in any form of customer reaching job. Everyone pays a membership fee each month, and this money goes
into a pot. Then when a tech support person has a customer who really doesn't get it, they can use
the money in the pot to hire a hitman.. It all goes around, so people will never have to deal with
completely retarded customers again.
#41636 +(909)- [X]
<Amergin|afk> I am dyslexic of Borg. You will be ass laminated
#42221 +(1331)- [X]
<@jestuh> i was like "i'm never going to get used to getting SHOT AT"
* Quits: jestuh (Connection reset by peer)
* Joins: jestuh
<@jestuh> what was last line you got before disconnect?
<@_ace>  anal sex used to hurt at first, but i learned how to relax my muscles
#44287 +(29)- [X]
<Genome> im getting emacs for windows
<Genome> this should be worth a laugh
<SirLudicrus> oh my god
<SirLudicrus> that's like getting a pinto engine for your ferrari
#45978 +(827)- [X]
<akamagikman> do u no a realy good server other then criten to get pc games
<snacky> all you have to do is
<snacky> /join #staff
<snacky> then say "give me the warez"
<snacky> just keep saying "give me the warez" and they'll know you're a serious customer
<akamagikman> ok im in
<akamagikman> now i just type give me the warez
<snacky> remember, be persistant
<snacky> yeah
-:- SignOff akamagikman: #Ragol (Killed (Tae|biking|quadsux (This isn't a     warez channel, you
#49363 +(76)- [X]
<@elf> my liver is more masculine than yours
<@Vexer`> my liver is a female.. ofcourse yours is..
<@Vexer`> but i bet mine is hot..
<@elf> of all the dumb things you've ever said, i think that's the dumbest.
<@Vexer`> i don't say many dumb things..
<@Vexer`> do i?
#52186 +(234)- [X]
<Cyclonus> Fucking paper plate cut my finger!
<Red_Sky> Cast it into the DARK corner of the basement!
<MossadMan> Along with the fish heads and condoms.
<Red_Sky> Condoms, why the hell would he have those?
<Red_Sky> That's like Jesus buying waterwings.
<Red_Sky> He ain't nevah gonna use 'em!
#52518 +(104)- [X]
<poo_al> i used to have "bromothymol blue" in my memory buffer.
<poo_al> then i copied the girlskissing url
<poo_al> and pasted that into my lab
<poo_al> too bad i found it
<poo_al> my teacher would have given me a 110% if i left it in :(
#54296 +(401)- [X]
<sora> I don't think goths are evil and satanic, I think they're pitiful and irritating. Like street
mimes, only not as much fun to set on fire with kerosene.
#75327 +(612)- [X]
<Kahran> I need to start passing judgement with an ironfist
<HellmasteR> yes
<Preachidus> it works for me.
<HellmasteR> be all like YOU THERE, OBEY THE FIST
<HellmasteR> and if they dont, fist them good
<HellmasteR> wow, that came out badly
#83891 +(2014)- [X]
@(DonoftheDead) They say if you play a Microsoft CD backwards you hear satanic messages. That's
nothing, because if you play it forwards it installs Windows.
#98345 +(220)- [X]
<Continuity> Disassembling VB code is like looking at one of those magic eye pictures
#99047 +(359)- [X]
<Yuri> heh damn man
<Yuri> 93.1mb
<Yuri> this is the mightiest log i've ever posessed
<xerDM> heheh
<Yuri> this is a sociology report waiting to happen
<Yuri> heh
<xerDM> hehe
<Yuri> and excellent fodder for legal lawsuits from assorted companies wanting to protect their
intellectual property...
* Yuri find/replace warez|iso|bin|nrg|ccd/fluffy bunnies
<Dorn> aha
<xerDM> haha
<Yuri> "wow these guys LOVE bunnies!"
<Yuri> "yeah they share em too!"
<Dorn> course
<Yuri> "over the INTERNET! to FTPS!"
<Yuri> "aww bunny videos!"
<Yuri> hot rodent on rodent action
<Dorn> you'd get stuff like "Man sitting on that desert island sure made me feel fluffy bunnieslated"
<Dorn> :E
#101624 +(306)- [X]
<K2134> holy shit >.< all the guys just ran down the stairs and out the door because the fucking ice
cream truck.. talk about immature...
<K2134> lmao.. its funny, six 20 year old guys standing in line for ice cream...
#155516 +(381)- [X]
<Nastard> i like phonics
<Nastard> one might even go so far as to say i'm hooked on them
#178102 +(1896)- [X]
<eric> awright spam u can use
<eric> "Like to see hot jizz spit all over an unsuspecting teen's face? These young teen girls love
taking hot cum right in the face."
<siva> "unsuspecting"?
#212484 +(564)- [X]
<CG> I just fell asleep watching the tennis
<CG> all I heard was "uhnn oof uhnn oooooof uhnnn" from the two girls on tv
<CG> sounded alright ;)
#217453 +(9297)- [X]
<@Chin^> My sister caught me jacking off the other week and calls me a pervert
<@Chin^> just the other day i walked into my room and caught my sister masturbating
<@Chin^> So she calls me a pervert again?!?
<@Chin^> there is no justice in the world...
#238718 +(289)- [X]
<ShajJee> i am muslim and i never belive on sex
<jackfig> oh, that's good
<Dormir> congrats
<ShajJee> and a muslim can never do sex with anyone
<jackfig> ummm, then why are there so  many of them?
#414344 +(96)- [X]
* conundrum takes over bos's mind and makes him buy a mac OS9 machine instead,
* conundrum also makes bos reformat and install BOB.
<SlipperyS> M$ bob?
<conundrum> Yes, is there any other?
<SlipperyS> hehe wtf was that program for anyway?
<bos> insulting your intelligence
<SlipperyS> I thought that was what windows was for...
#417089 +(330)- [X]
<blanco> chicks dig ignorance
<blanco> but only as long as do it with an accent
#520466 +(2222)- [X]
<JadussD> all i can say is, the native americans could not have had better vengeance on americans
than tobacco :|
<JadussD> hundreds of thousands of dead each year
<JadussD> "hey, we're going to enslave, decimate, relocate, and destroy your way of life."
<JadussD> "oh, okay. here, smoke this"
#573406 +(793)- [X]
<Ryz0r> are your parents gona be at your party?
<z3phyr> my mum is
<Ryz0r> is she cool?
<z3phyr> yeah she is she lets me pretty much do what i want when i want
<z3phyr> all my mates think she is cool which is worrying
<Ryz0r> you think you've got it bad
<Ryz0r> all my mates want to sleep with my mum
<z3phyr> well she is pretty fit
<Rey> Yeah, I'd hit it.
<Lord_Cocktax> me too!
<Ryz0r> AAGH!!
#685013 +(461)- [X]
<Warbum> Hey guys, I'm guilty of "intellectual property theft"
<Warbum> The other day, I walked into a library, got out a book, went home, and read it.
<Warbum> And the copywright holders didn't even get a dime!
#695450 +(1450)- [X]
<Apollyon> I was at a store and some little kid comes in and says "Do you buy Pokemon cards?"
<Apollyon> The owner looks at them, he responds "No, but I'll take them as trade. Would you like
anything in particular?"
<Apollyon> And the little kid goes "Money?"
#712887 +(385)- [X]
<murrrr> *bites tommah's hand off*
<murrrr> it must be pretty hard to type with only one hand
<FraudulentTommah> I won't respond to that
#714860 +(345)- [X]
<vergil> you know you have issues when you almost tell your mom to delete something rather than throw
it away
#946424 +(459)- [X]
<Psychofreak> I have a kid (3 yo) with toys that do stuff and/or beep. Easily 100 AA batteries in
JUST her toys. (although she does not play with many anymore so they are getting packed up for
donation) Funny thing is we got her a wooden train set, no batteries at all, and now almost all the
fancy electronic toys are left alone! We will see if this holds true for more than a few weeks.
<Psychofreak> Amazing how much more powerful imagination is than batteries.
<Anonymous Coward> Try telling that to my wife.

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