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Hacker News Headlines
 1.  uMatrix has been archived (
 2.  Darknet market vendor identified via fingerprints in photo posted (
 3.  DuckDB – An embeddable SQL database like SQLite, but supports Postgres features (
 4.  Raspberry Pi – UASP, Trim, and Boot Performance via USB (
 5.  Base 65536 (
 6.  Mouse found atop a 22,000-foot volcano, breaking world record (
 7.  Windows Server vulnerability requires immediate attention (
 8.  Making Skeletonised Leaves (
 9.  The reluctant debut of the A14 processor (
10.  A Few Rules for Predicting the Future (2000) (
11.  Did our early ancestors boil their food in hot springs? (
12.  The Mystery of Tom Pritchard’s Bike (
13.  On the foolishness of “natural language programming” (1979) (
14.  Meeting everyone on a new team (
15.  Show HN: Control Chromecasts from Linux (
16.  A Horrible Experiment (
17.  Gifted Children as Hidden Persuaders in the Cold War (2019) (
18.  Bevy 0.2 (
19.  Object-oriented programming: History, and challenges for the next fifty years
20.  Twister OS: Make Raspberry Pi Look Like Windows or macOS (
21.  Ask HN: Your Favourite HN Comment?
22.  Precursor – A mobile, open source electronics platform (
23.  Robust Spammer Detection by Nash Reinforcement Learning (
24.  Alu (Runic) (
25.  Bitwarden leaks passwords to other subdomains (
26.  TeXMe Self-rendering Markdown and LaTeX documents (
27.  Apple Books TSMC’s Entire 5nm Production Capability (
28.  Playwright CLI – Open/inspect/emulate pages, generate screenshots, record users (
29.  2020 Ig Nobel Prize Winners (
30.  Netgear Firmware Requires Online Registration (
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CBC News Headlines
Featured Content
5 ways the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will transform U.S. politics
It’s almost impossible to overstate the transformative effect on American politics ignited by the death of one woman. The far-ranging potential consequences of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death will
start immediately, on the election trail, in the courtroom, and in society . Here are five examples
World |September 20|
'Ecological anxiety' and the psychological toll of choking wildfire smoke
Smoke in the summer has become common in B.C., a province with a warming climate marked by longer, nastier wildfire seasons. As the environmental catastrophes become more regular, so too do the
psychological consequences — a sensation called "ecological grief" or "ecological anxiety," caused by seeing loss in the natural world.
Canada -British Columbia |September 20
Women's rights hang in the balance in Afghanistan — along with its chance for peace
Observers say they're seeing a new openness to the idea of women's rights in peace talks between Afghanistan's government and the Taliban — and they're suggesting western nations
stay out of the way for now.
Politics |September 20|
Throne speech mustn't neglect crucial Liberal pre-pandemic health commitments
While the focus right now is on COVID-19 recovery measures, government still has an obligation to the electorate to bring important pre-pandemic health commitments to fruition, writes Doug Roth.
Opinion |September 20|
4 things to watch for as the Emmys gear up to be first live major awards show during COVID-19
No red carpets, a live telecast during a pandemic and more than 130 cameras spread out around the globe. The 72nd Emmy Awards are set to broadcast, and it’s almost impossible to say exactly what
audiences can expect because nearly every aspect of the night is unprecedented.
Entertainment |September 20|
Former prime minister John Turner dead at 91
Politics |September 19
Letter with ricin poison sent to White House may have come from Canada: RCMP
Politics |September 20
Nunavut reports 1st confirmed cases of COVID-19
Canada -North |September 20
'We have to stop the parties': Ford limits gathering sizes across Ontario as COVID-19 cases rise
Canada -Toronto |September 19|
Trump urges Senate to vote 'without delay' on his U.S. Supreme Court pick, 6 weeks before election
World |September 19|
Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Saturday
Canada |September 19|
U.S. will delay TikTok app store ban by 1 week as Trump supports Oracle-Walmart deal
Business |September 20|
Storm causes deadly flooding in central Greece
World |September 19
Overcrowded buses worry commuters as COVID-19 cases rise, weather turns colder
Canada -Toronto |September 19|
Two byelections will test Liberal support — and Canada's preparations for a pandemic election
Politics |September 19|
B.C. man facing new charges over revenge website targeting ex-wife
Canada -British Columbia |September 19|
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Tropical storm Beta spurs hurricane fears in Texas
World |September 20
Thai protesters hold massive rally to push demands for democratic reforms
World |September 19
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny says he's now more than 'technically alive'
World |September 19
Want the government to split your dinner tab? Restaurants pitch relief plan to help them survive
James Dunne
Business |September 19|
Chris Hall: There's no path to net-zero without nuclear power, says O'Regan
Radio -The House |September 19|
How a Toronto woman discovered she has up to 600 half-siblings
Radio -The Doc Project |September 19
What worked and what wowed the mostly virtual TIFF 2020 film fest
Eli Glasner and Jackson Weaver
Entertainment |September 19|
Conservative leader tests positive for COVID-19; Quebec premier self-isolating
Politics |September 19|
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87
September 19
Trump says Canada wants to reopen the border. But do we, really?
Peter Zimonjic
Politics |September 19|
Federal agency in charge of co-ordinating COVID-19 response loses its leader
September 18
Ontario health-care worker returns home six months after testing positive for COVID-19
Canada -Windsor |September 19|
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#127 +(566)- [X]
<MadHatter> I've been using mirc exclusively for like 6-7 years or whatever
<MadHatter> I could get mIRC certified by now
#192 +(377)- [X]
<Quan> they speak "texican"
#540 +(160)- [X]
<hypr> i need jewcases or like paper or plastic things to put cds in :.
#546 +(382)- [X]
<KidHype> discovery channel should have a droppy tits from around the world week
* PtitFous undresses then
<MikeDX> except its shown on CNN and called "world famine report"
#1394 +(184)- [X]
<CoMBo> holded down is a word btw
#1504 +(460)- [X]
<drgonzo> fuck linux
<drgonzo> that's the OS for people that don't wear deodorant
#1672 +(853)- [X]
(Stacey```) i'd like to know who the fuck encodes shit to real player
(Stacey```) so i can kick their ass
#1808 +(1069)- [X]
<JDigital> Dude, that's messed up, no way is Pikachu's dick that big
#1947 +(73)- [X]
<al-x> i take quote theft very seriously
<al-x> i'm now going to not paste any more quotes
<al-x> coz of quote stealage
#2590 +(619)- [X]
<Legind> I cant remember my earliest memory
#2743 +(257)- [X]
<doctor`> "hallo! i am reeecki marten! sex masheen! i love all the preeety gerls! lets us have secks!
constantleee! i am south american sensation! bulging spaniard genitals!"
#4395 +(650)- [X]
<Predictable> "Peace, love, and Linux" makes me think of a guy with excessive facial hair in a tiedye
t-shirt, shorts, and sandals saying "You can't use that distribution MAN" "You can't like, own an OS,
#4419 +(180)- [X]
<EnochRoot> #include pestilence.h
#5646 +(115)- [X]
<+stray> Somehow, i cant get behind a prophet named JOE SMITH
<+krispy> hahaha
<+krispy> i can't get behind any
<+stray> the catholic church spent many years getting behind ME (if you know what I mean *wink*)
#9545 +(459)- [X]
<InSaNe-CON> how do u put irc always on top ?
<@arc|hw> ctrl alt del twice
*** InSaNe-CON ( Quit (Ping timeout )
*** InSaNe-CON ( has joined #r
<InSaNe-CON> umm alt cntrl delete restarted my computer
<@arc|hw> you must have pressed something wrong
#10649 +(46)- [X]
<freshmint> SHE is teen pr0n in the flesh
<freshmint> Too bad she's fucked in the head
#13213 +(8028)- [X]
<Spazz> Seems like when I say "FUCK" you get an EOF error  :o
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Bartolimis> fuck
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Bartolimis> fuck
<Spazz> fuck
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Spazz> fuck
<Bartolimis> stop
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Bartolimis> we're done >:)
<Ranto> hmh?
<Spazz> Your client got an error...
<Bartolimis> yeah, we're done saying fuck
<Spazz> everytime we said f***
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Spazz> Quit saying fukc
<Bartolimis> my bad
<Spazz> fuck*
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
*** Joins: Ranto (
<Icc> Someone says fuck and he drops ?
*** Quits: Ranto ( (Read error: EOF from client)
#14006 +(155)- [X]
<FPT-[away]> crotch fires and you: the untold story.
#16195 +(721)- [X]
<Dss-tester> nuke u have a real bad additude
<@NitroX> no way, not nuke
<*Nuke> Im a sweetheart you stupid fuck
#16575 +(490)- [X]
<oreth> ever thing to yourself "Hey, it might be fun to go fuck a turkey?"
<AshPlississkin> no
<oreth> yeah.   me neither.
#22954 +(1584)- [X]
<Elly_May>  my little sister just asked me why my hair was tangled
<Elly_May>  i told her it was because my boyfriend came all over it when i was giving him a blow job
<Elly_May>  at which point my father admitted he could hear me....
#34423 +(64)- [X]
<ian_/#linuxwarez> Just think, in 3 years this RAM will probably be in some toxic heap in china while
little chinamen pick through it with solvents to extract gold.
#39455 +(14)- [X]
<[NOREAGA]> whine
<[NOREAGA]> nah i'm more important than u
<[NOREAGA]> ur some aol junkie
<[NOREAGA]> i've been to defcon
#41387 +(229)- [X]
<SpaZZtic|webpage> the bitch from next door was standing at her window watching me hang out my
<SkewtuR> hah get some tampons hold them in water..hang them on the line when she loox yell Yeah we
#41545 +(235)- [X]
* Orroni slaps DarkPrince_working around a bit with a large trout
* Trefenwyd slaps Orroni around a bit with a large trout
<Liason> trout is soooooooooo 1995
<Orroni> i agree, it's too retro
<Orroni> maybe a leather trout with tassles
* Trefenwyd slaps Orroni around a bit with a large lubrified fanged dildo
<Orroni> now that's disturbing...
#42874 +(233)- [X]
<Mother> so what's new?
<alakahil> some new type of spam
<rambopfc> lol
<alakahil> next i will havespam from fbi
<alakahil> "we are looking for you"
<alakahil> "how big your salary should be?"
<Mother> hehehehe
<alakahil> where have all those "enlarge your penis" and "look, i'm naked" have gone?
<Mother> oh they still come in every now and then
<Mother> had I answered all of them Neil Armstrong could walk to the moon on my penis
#45288 +(304)- [X]
<Spooky42> my dad sounds like hes giving head everytime he eats a popsicle
<Spooky42> its fucking gross
#51226 +(182)- [X]
* Kristoph is a 16 year old trance / hard house DJ from sheffield, anyone wanna pretend to be a girl
and talk about masturbation?
#56381 +(588)- [X]
JoshQ: hey a kid just got hit by a car outside my house.
vietchino: call 911
JoshQ: i will when my download is done.
#61930 +(324)- [X]
<iota> i think my son is prejudice
<HgR`Your_Dead> [ iota ] why?
<iota> i brought him a black vantriliquist dummy home from work and he ripped it's legs off
<iota> the really bad part is i picked him up and made his mouth move and went can a nigga get a
wheel chair
#65778 +(272)- [X]
<bludot> and then i said that the deadline for the oxford coding competition was valentines day, they
were like, "do you geeks have weird alternative holidays for every thing?"
#75319 +(409)- [X]
<Destruya> I joined the "Virtual March on Washington" even though I live 30 minutes driving time away
from the White House.
<Destruya> I think I've reached the nirvana of laziness.
<Destruya> And probably sent my name to a CIA central database codenamed
<Destruya> Of course, I'm not worried, since any server with a name that long has to be running NT of
some form.
<Destruya> Which means they better write that shit down before it crashes.
#81910 +(57)- [X]
<@Campbell> do you think he/she/it understands anything we're saying?
<@Campbell> LIke if I said...
<tiny> Hmm..
<@Campbell> small_bee: God hates you .. your mother and father hates you... THE WORLD HATES YOU
<@Campbell> DO you think he/she/it understands?
<tiny> S/he/it just might =)
<small_bee>  yeah ,i love him forever
<tiny> It's fairly direct
<tiny> ..
<tiny> Ok.
<tiny> Maybe not
#86224 +(486)- [X]
<Dirtbiker> howd all of u learn how to do this crap?
<@nomis> hit f1
<@nomis> frequently
<Dirtbiker> in here?
<@nomis> in flash
<Dirtbiker> but thats the shortcut to help
#89048 +(21)- [X]
<Wolf> hmm, later on I should go out and get my paintball CO2 canister filled
<[Ramrod]> Then you need to go and get your head examined, and your Paintballs checked....for leaking
paint....and then.....heh
<Wolf> very funny
* Wolf unleashes a rapid fire, painting Peter pink all over
<Peter> Shouldn't be too much of a problem.
<[Ramrod]> Seems to be an awfull lot of Porn though
<[Ramrod]> Ooops...wrong window
#115192 +(421)- [X]
Whitetail deer18: Attention all pokemon card trainiers!!!  I am starting up a internet membership
where those who have card decks can play eachother over the net.  Only catch is honesty about the
types of cards you have.
Trazzy: attention all pokemon card trainers: GO GET LAID.
#137186 +(59)- [X]
<campd> "Multiple Murder Bob" would be an awesome name for an action figure.
<snorp> or a band
#146656 +(1389)- [X]
<Errata> f y cn rd ths y cn gt gd jb n cmptr prgrmng
#163131 +(1107)- [X]
(@ThinG|webbing) how do I zoom in with internet explorer?
(+|Sonic) move your face closer to the screen
#181500 +(1341)- [X]
<Xizer> Winzip is such a girl...
<Xizer> "Uh hey. 30 days are up could you stop using me? No? Well I'll just ask again tomorrow..."
#245206 +(1116)- [X]
<schmidt> i can kill a person with no hands
<SirBlack> so can I, when they don't have hands it's hard for them to fight back :P
#310385 +(857)- [X]
<peebles> how about a new low CARB diet
<peebles> No Cheney
<peebles> No Ashcroft
<peebles> No Rumsfeld
<peebles> No Bush
<peebles> And forget about the Rice.
#315118 +(634)- [X]
InaGreendase: he got arrested...
InaGreendase: for sexually harrassing himself..
InaGreendase: yes, himself.
InaGreendase: he was looking in a mirror or something and saying to himself
InaGreendase: "You're so sexy, you bitch...i wanna fuck you so'd look even hotter if those
pants were tighter.."
InaGreendase: and that dorm's RD was watching the whole time
#373292 +(975)- [X]
Psychosis555: Dude who's that hot chick in the picture with you?
Psychosis555: The one with the nice tits
Jorden666 Sxe: Dude thats my sister!!
Psychosis555: So?
Psychosis555: I'm not related to her
Jorden666 Sxe: Dude she's 4!!!
Psychosis555: I stand by what I said
#408951 +(483)- [X]
<ExT> Can you spell *CENCUR*
<ExT> Or was it... SENSUR?
<Clownie> not any more
<ExT> maybe SENZUR?
<ExT> Allright then
<Lebowske> lol
<Clownie> I'll just pick letters from a scrabble bag, I have more chance of being right than you
#475913 +(2248)- [X]
<Insomniak> ow owow
<Insomniak> ow
<Insomniak> i hit myself in the nuts playing air guitar
<Insomniak> again
<nxn> darwin is hard at work
#627168 +(4109)- [X]
<Cobra> so i was watching a pr0n
<Thunder> wait
<Thunder> why u guys always say pr0n instead of porn ??
Thunder has been kicked by Guardian (No porn on this channel !)
<Cobra> ...
<Cobra> so i was watching a pr0n
#639484 +(1693)- [X]
Delilah> I hate parties, because you have to look good, but if you look too good other girls get
jealous, and if you look not good enough they talk nasty about you.
[kerrrigan] yeah
[kerrrigan] that never happens at halo parties
#798308 +(1508)- [X]
<@je_fro> fox news isn't really news
<@je_fro> it's actually one of the largest trolling experiments ever conducted
#806846 +(189)- [X]
<makfu> So CaNaBiS, you totally walked into the bathroom and some dood was washing his pants?!
<CaNaBiS> makfu, yeah, it was in the public restroom
<CaNaBiS> he was naked in front of the sink washing his shit stained pants
<CaNaBiS> with no shoes on
<naphtali> You should have asked him for some change for the soda machine

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