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Date: 2020-04-03 07:06:01

Hacker News Headlines
  1.  Hardware Microphone Disconnect in Mac and iPad (
  2.  Lyme disease bacteria eradicated by new drug in early tests (
  3.  Unauthorized access to cameras in Safari on macOS and iOS (
  4.  A crash course in compilers (2018) (
  5.  The Anarchist Abstractionist – Who Was Alexander Grothendieck? (
  6.  Introduction to Permaculture (1994) (
  7.  The Object Model of Self (
  8.  What's a virus, anyway? The bare-bones basics (
  9.  Tracking Coronavirus by Smell Test (
 10.  Electricity as Power (1880) [pdf] (
 11.  Bringing 4K and HDR to Anime at Netflix with Sol Levante (
 12.  Evidence of 90M-year-old rainforest uncovered beneath Antarctic ice (
 13.  Show HN: Pdf.js Express – PDF annotation, e-signatures, and form filling
 14.  PostgreSQL is the worlds’ best database (
 15.  Reiki can’t possibly work, so why does it? (
 16.  Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports (
 17.  Launch HN: Test
 18.  To make the perfect mirror, physicists confront the mystery of glass (
 19.  Physical force alone spurs gene expression, study reveals (
 20.  ‘War Dialing’ tool exposes Zoom’s password problems (
 21.  Show HN: A UDP to TCP proxy server for sending HTTP requests with zero latency (
 22.  Iced, a cross-platform GUI library for Rust (
 23.  How to manage HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript only? (
 24.  CO2meter: A Python interface to USB CO2 monitor devices (
 25.  Systems Benchmarking Crimes (2010) (
 26.  ACM has made 'Concurrency: the Works of Leslie Lamport' free to download (
 27.  Zoom’s encryption has links to China, researchers discover (
 28.  Mediasoup – WebRTC Video Conferencing (
 29.  Most-recommended programming books (
 30.  Apple Store leaks 4.7-inch ‘iPhone SE’ name (
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CBC News Headlines
Featured Content
Ontario to release 'stark' COVID-19 projections today
Ontario to release 'stark' COVID-19 projections today
Premier says people 'deserve to see' the data, but warns that it will be a 'sobering discussion'
April 3
Will COVID-19 force change in Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside neighbourhood?
CBC Investigates
'I was made to feel belittled': Nurses reveal fears working on front lines of COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19: Are we doing a 180 on whether masks are beneficial?
How Canada compares with other countries at flattening the curve
Tracking the number of coronavirus cases in Canada
As COVID-19 bailouts pile up, Canadians ask for relief on credit card rates
As governments rush to offer financial relief packages to homeowners, renters, small businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19, some Canadians are wondering why credit card bills aren't
included in those measures.
Business |April 3|
'Zoom-bombing' attacks on video conferencing platform leave victims shaken
Zoom has emerged as an indispensable video conferencing tool for remote work and study during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a growing number of so-called Zoom-bombing incidents is prompting warnings from
the FBI and from the victims themselves.
Technology & Science |April 3
'Green light to gouge': Prescription changes due to COVID-19 lead to higher costs
Pharmacies across the country are now filling prescriptions monthly instead of once every three months, leaving patients to pay three times the usual in dispensing fees, a patients' advocate
Health |April 3
What on Earth?
'People will make a sacrifice for the common good': How the fight against COVID-19 could extend to climate
In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at how COVID-19 is affecting efforts to move to a low-carbon economy, how lockdowns are impacting power demand in the EU and the role
of wild markets in the spread of infectious diseases.
Technology & Science |April 3|
Canadian passengers on virus-stricken Coral Princess cruise ship worry how they'll get home
Canadian passengers on the Coral Princess cruise ship nearing Fort Lauderdale, Fla., worry how they’ll get home after at least a dozen COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed on board.
Business |April 3
Morning Brief
Get informed on the top stories of the day in 1 quick scan
April 3
We urgently need to start making more masks in Canada - and wearing them
Opinion |April 3|
How Canada compares with other countries in flattening the curve
April 3
Access-to-information systems across Canada slowed by COVID-19
Canada |April 3|
COVID-19 has upended the U.S. election campaign and could also change how Americans vote
World |April 2|
More evidence emerges that coronavirus infections can spread by people with no clear symptoms
Health |April 2
Ottawa Food Bank raises $170K in one day with donations from Wu-Tang Clan, Shopify exec
Canada -Ottawa |April 3|
'This has been a nightmare': Canadian passengers on virus-stricken cruise finally headed for home
Business |April 3
The lessons Italy has learned about its COVID-19 outbreak could help the rest of the world
COVID-19 |April 2
Canadians want to know how bad this could get. Is anyone ready to tell us?
Politics |April 3|
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More CBC News
Why Canada is taking so long to start testing blood for COVID-19
Kelly Crowe
Health |April 2
'It's just a job that has to get done': Alberta couple helps stranded Canadians get home
Jonathon Gatehouse
Canada |April 2|
'Wartime president' Trump isn't calling all the shots in U.S. battle against COVID-19
Keith Boag
World |April 2|
GST rebate targeting low-income Canadians impacted by COVID-19 will arrive a month early
Peter Zimonjic
Politics |April 3|
Coronavirus lockdown has forced us into an economic trial and error experiment: Don Pittis
Don Pittis
Business |April 2
COVID-19 cases in First Nations spur leaders to call for field hospitals
Olivia Stefanovich
Politics |April 3
Canada pulls military trainers out of Iraq as pandemic spreads
Murray Brewster
Politics |April 2|
CBC Investigates
Health-care workers make up 1 in 10 known cases of COVID-19 in Ontario
Lauren Pelley
Canada -Toronto |April 2|
Will COVID-19 become a seasonal disease like the flu? It's too early to tell, experts say
Nicole Mortillaro
Health |April 2|
Record 6.6M Americans filed for jobless benefits last week
Pete Evans
Business |April 2|
Canada and the U.S. are implementing the non-essential travel ban in very different ways
Elizabeth Thompson
Politics |April 2|
Chief medical officers are leading Canada through COVID-19 crisis — and many are women
Meagan Fitzpatrick
Health |April 2|
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#146 +(146)- [X]
<lux> !8ball is dickdug a f4g?
<noodles> lux, You wish.
#1713 +(261)- [X]
<odinnn> i used to be scared i would turn into a mexican if i ate too much
mexican food
#2238 +(600)- [X]
<DrWoody> List of things I have accomplished today:
<DrWoody> ...
<DrWoody> ...
<DrWoody> That is all.
#4304 +(290)- [X]
<K34R> im going to buy 6 monitors and a big metal rack and position them all around me
<K34R> so it will be like im captain of the starship ianprise
<K34R> on a mission to hack the gibson
#4355 +(462)- [X]
<Semi> What are you talking about?
<Rico> Fuck if I know. Your mother, probably.
#5523 +(3326)- [X]
<Opcode> i was gonna call 911...but i was downloading a file
#6833 +(234)- [X]
* Logan learns how to say no to requests of programming assistance.
<loop> uh oh
<loop> that sounds bad for everybody like me
#7155 +(135)- [X]
<KINGofEXTREME> alligators are male crocdiles
#8663 +(51)- [X]
<Renegad3> Cannibal Corpse is good just cause of the lyrics
<Renegad3> i cut her from her neck down to her anus. then i cut out her vagina. then i ate it.
#8806 +(362)- [X]
#13282 +(281)- [X]
<Ferney> WTF??? benchmarks for a fuggin VIBRATOR?
#14175 +(230)- [X]
<Adiemus> what country is .mk
<B|1nD> mexiko
#22829 +(260)- [X]
<CaptainCasual> thats just goatse enough to work
<NickBlasta> Fruedian slip?
#26767 +(173)- [X]
<Comedy> Now now, we all like our anal virginity.
<timbo`> mine was violated with my first poo
#27181 +(193)- [X]
<clay> if i take an open wire from my motherboard and stick it in a cup of water will it do anything
<jonathans> yes
<jonathans> it will heat the water
#27306 +(366)- [X]
(timmo) her boobies are fake
(timmo) ;[
[nyisles] hmm
[nyisles] are they photoshopped
[nyisles] ?
[Guilty] No
[Guilty] They're implants
#34374 +(296)- [X]
<cwd> ls
<cwd> oops
<cwd> :\
<artrix> happens to all of us
<cwd> but i only have this one terminal open
#36641 +(309)- [X]
<MacGunner> were learning about the holocust for the 100th time, so my history teacher, takes us all
and makes us stand in the corner to make it feel like a train car
<MacGunner> ANND
<MacGunner> since its suppose to smell bad he got some pizza spices from his kitchen and made us
smell them
<Arkangel> that's ok in my computer graphics design class the teacher was teaching us about how to
use symbol brushes so he got all the hot chicks in class to take off their clothes and kneel by the
wall then he jacked off on them. man I tell you... it was pretty gay.
#38966 +(172)- [X]
<PsychicSeagull> I should make a book - Procrastination for Dummies!  It will just be a bunch of
empty pages.
#39135 +(214)- [X]
<Tassadar2000> Hey! Why did you ban me? I pay my taxes!
#40515 +(693)- [X]
[BrntToast] #amish can't join channel (you're banned!) <------- they banned me when i asked for the
secret as to how a computer runs without electricity :(
#44738 +(179)- [X]
CodeMaster007x2: I gotta go play "drums" with my sister..brb
#49013 +(6)- [X]
<Shaka|HeatingUpSomeSaki> child. i dont care if you are a guy. you can show me what it means to be a
man anytime
#55095 +(271)- [X]
* Cheez is now known as rwxr-xr-x
<MudBlud> ./Cheez
#66208 +(463)- [X]
<Firemoth> Weird, My cat's got conjunctivitis in one of his eyes and i have to put like a jell type
cream on his eye. He doesn't mind me puting it on there one bit, He just sits back and lets me
squeeze it on. Doesn't flinch or anything.
<Agg> dude, he's been dead for 2 weeks now.
#73737 +(1820)- [X]
<korinne> cows would live a lot longer if they werent made out of steaks and leather
#74978 +(189)- [X]
<nuhduhnewbie> socks that don't add up are obv the work of terrorists
<nuhduhnewbie> omg missing socks must be turned into turbans;o
<PuffinFreshWog> and bombs
<PuffinFreshWog> and the left over socks are broken down and then sold to a sock making factory
<PuffinFreshWog> and then all the people whos socks when missing, go and buy more
<PuffinFreshWog> and then the factory makes a lot of money
<PuffinFreshWog> and it gives a lot of it to the terrorists for making the socks go missingin the
first place
<PuffinFreshWog> and that is how they get their funding
<PuffinFreshWog> its all a delicate cycle
#75333 +(171)- [X]
<@NMO> My mother is pissed off because I said our family is more like a dictatorship than anything
else in one of my test answers.
#81227 +(145)- [X]
<GaPSk8t3r> if i was drafted for war, id use every fucking cfg hack and aimbot out there.....i doubt
iraq has wwcl
#84757 +(776)- [X]
<Schismo5000>Did you know Hitler couldn't have kids?
<Schismo5000>Yea, he was anti-semenic
<PeterH>Dude, thats anti semeTic, and it means he hated jews
#85396 +(96)- [X]
Albinogodzilla1: hes at a musical....yes I think hes I cant prove it
#107374 +(85)- [X]
<eXa|The_Professor> my grandpa invented cheez-wiz
<eXa-r|SirHump|NS> sweeeet
<eXa|The_Professor> no i'm just screwing with you
#118548 +(785)- [X]
<sherlock_holmes|eating> heh, so i an anatomoy paper due yesterday, and when i was babysitting last
week i asked if they wouldn't mind if i usede their comp
<sherlock_holmes|eating> the dad said yea, so i asked if he had a filter for adult material turned
on.  he got a suspicious look in his eye and i told him that filters also block out non-pr0n related
material, and since i'm doing an anatomy paper, it'd block out words that anatomy sites use, like
penis or vagina
<sherlock_holmes|eating> he said he'd turn it off on the condition that i would promise not to use it
for pr0n and i said 'nah, i took care of that before i came over' and we both kind of chuckled
<sherlock_holmes|eating> needless to say his wife was saying good-bye to the kid in the next room and
they could hear me and not 10 minutes later i'm at home just wondering why my timid masturbation joke
did more damage to that kids inner psyche than his mom calling me a filthy bastard who should rot in
hell right in front of the little guy in that high annoying voice that women get...
<ssj_gotensama> lol, you were gonna use it for wankin weren't ya
<sherlock_holmes|eating> no that's the thing, i wasn't... i brought over anal invaders 2 for when the
kid went to sleep, you can track web surfing history, you can't track what videos you put in the vcr
<ssj_gotensama> well i guess the worst part is your out of an 8 buck an hour job
<sherlock_holmes|eating> no the worst part is i left my anatomy book over at their place and i don't
have the balls to go over and ask for it =(
#134503 +(267)- [X]
(Calren): question: if I get three female friends saying they like me int he space of 3 minutes, does
this mean the end of the world is here?
(@Zaphod): Calren - it means some fucker let the guide dogs off their leashes again at the blind
#136569 +(1122)- [X]
<+Starvin`Marvin> over here in my country , im a real sex object
<+RonaldMcD|afk> looool
<+Starvin`Marvin> whenever i ask girls for sex ... they object
<+Bastaard> LOL!
#136597 +(958)- [X]
<seraph> does anyone here have the Matrix 1?
<comet_11> searph
<comet_11> just search for the matrix reloaded
<seraph> noooo
<seraph> i want the FIRST one
<seraph> the original
<comet_11> yes
<comet_11> I'm saying if you search for reloaded, you'll find the first one
<comet_11> you made the mistake of searching for the first matrix
<comet_11> that'll get you fight club
#137523 +(291)- [X]
<@ryan> theres acpi crap in my kernel
<@jon^c> eat more fiber
#139614 +(258)- [X]
<dan-o2> hay dudes my gf broke up with me I dont know why
<dan-o2> I just slapped her with my cock
#142960 +(1421)- [X]
<RikI> Havent had sex in sooooooo long
<RikI> It's gotten to the point where i masturbate thinking of other times i masturbated.
<Vorm> ...
#168702 +(570)- [X]
<wilywampa> dazey said i'm almost out of money and said i need to get a job
<wilywampa> i said i could steal money instead
<wilywampa> and she asked from whom
<wilywampa> i said "from old ladies, i can steal their money and beat them to death"
<wilywampa> and she said "that's awful, why would you do something like that?"
<wilywampa> i said "because babies don't have money"
#200868 +(285)- [X]
<nykoelle> HAPPY NEW YEAR
<solace> 2004!!
<nykoelle> YAYA
<nykoelle> !!!
<EvilGenius> rofl meg
#267317 +(1442)- [X]
* Bobber lights up the crack pipe and takes a hit
* Bobber passes it to Jesus
* Jesus takes a hit
<Jesus> Argh, my dad is gonna KILL me
#294940 +(2190)- [X]
amandahirst2007 : why is it that when you ship something by car it's called shipment and when it's
shipped by boat it's called cargo
Vincent_Valentine9 : Cargo is simply a term to describe something held on a ship, plane, truck or
train. It has nothing to do with what the cargo is actually used for. The "Shipment" is an item being
moved, it got it's name because back in the day, before cars, ships and boats down rivers and oceans
were the main form of travel.
Vincent_Valentine9 : When Planes, trains and automobiles began to be used, the term simply carried
amandahirst2007 : ur stupid. asl?
Vincent_Valentine9 : ..........
#398224 +(2068)- [X]
<[BU]RaptoR`> I'd like to travel back to the year 1337 and point and laugh at everything
#453350 +(555)- [X]
<sukumade> i'm out like michael j fox in jenga
#515363 +(3154)- [X]
rhys_rhaven: I have pictures..thousands of them. but most are art...i got katies harddrive.
rhys_rhaven: ....
overlord_overkill2007: ah i se
rhys_rhaven: i dont understand how she can walk into a church
rhys_rhaven: tons, and tons, of slash
rhys_rhaven: gay guys, gay guys fucking, gay porn stories, guys on guys, guys kissing.
overlord_overkill2007: ewww
rhys_rhaven: guys humping guys, female ass domination, guy slaves, butt sex,
overlord_overkill2007: ewwwwwwww
rhys_rhaven: oh it gets worse. she has no file structure!!!!!
rhys_rhaven: what kind of sick woman doesnt organize her files?!!!
#556673 +(1940)- [X]
prettykittikat: Im going 2 the club 2night
Syric 2005: im going 2 lern 2 tipe 2nite 2
prettykittikat: what?
Syric 2005: Exactly
#629927 +(1646)- [X]
Vfirthd: someday, I'm going to be great.
Vfirthd: someday, I will have all the money I want and no financial trouble
Vfirthd: and I'll have a great, big house with a laptop and high fi stero systems
Vfirthd: oh, and I'll have a job that I love so much, and make a good profit from
Vfirthd: and at that great job that I love, I'll find the lovely woman of my dreams...
Vfirthd: yeah...someday...
GeniusChef: You work at a McDonalds, don't you?
Vfirthd: Burger King
#736337 +(1052)- [X]
<Hoffish> pussy
<Hoffish> pussy
<Hoffish> pussy
<Hoffish> pussy
<p34rl34f> i get it
<Hoffish> .....crap
#737902 +(101)- [X]
obscurityusa: i showed my roomate ftw.generation
obscurityusa: he's... he's not talking to me anymore....
obscurityusa: like first random he gets is the hulk getting butt raped by capt. america

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