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Date: 2020-11-24 07:06:01

Hacker News Headlines
 1.  Spectre.Console lets you make beautiful console apps with .NET Core (
 2.  You might not need machine learning (
 3.  MyNOR: Single board computer that uses a single NOR gate as its ALU (
 4.  Zoomquilt (2004) (
 5.  Apple’s head of security indicted in Santa Clara County CCW case (
 6.  Pachyderm Raises Series B, Hiring for Golang and Enterprise SE Roles (
 7.  On the bonkers color palette of Garfield comics (
 8.  Why pay $1657 for a $27 USB stick? (
 9.  Utah’s Economic Exceptionalism (
10.  Verilog to Minecraft Redstone Synthesizer (
11.  TCP Performance problems related to Nagle’s Algorithm and Delayed ACK (2005)
12.  First Responders Unprepared for Electric Vehicle Fires: Report (
13.  Ethereum 2.0 – Minimum deposit reached (
14.  On Small Games (
15.  Multi-Paradigm Languages (
16.  IoT Unravelled Part 2: IP Addresses, Network, Zigbee, Custom Firmware, Soldering (
17.  Another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt (
18.  IHP – A Haskell web framework (
19.  Rules for Evidence Communication (
20.  Raspberry Pi Webcam (
21.  Reverse-Engineered GeoWrite 2.1 for C64 Source Code (
22.  Pinecil: Portable USB-C RISC-V soldering iron (
23.  Plugin hybrids in new emissions scandal: test show higher pollution than claimed
24.  Someone attacked our company (
25.  DOM recording for web application demos (
26.  Marc Geiger helped create Lollapalooza, now he wants to save live music (
27.  Psilocybin and migraine: First of its kind trial reports promising results (
28.  Convolution Is Fancy Multiplication (
29.  Booting from a vinyl record (
30.  Guide to OOMKill Alerting in Kubernetes Clusters (
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CBC News Headlines
Featured Content
As COVID-19 cases soar and regions lock down, Dr. Tam has a blunt message about holiday planning
With the holiday season just weeks away, Canadians are wondering if one of the bright spots in Canada's long, dark winter will be another casualty of 2020 — and whether the country will ever get
off the roller coaster of flattening the curve only to see cases soar again.
Canada |November 24|
CBC Investigates
Despite court order, landlords still trying to reclaim luxury homes turned into illegal rooming houses
A few Toronto-area landlords are still trying to reclaim their luxury homes even though an Ontario Superior Court judge voided their leases two months ago, and ordered their mutual tenant to shut down
the illegal rooming houses he created at a dozen properties.
Canada -Toronto |November 24|
What an Australian-style push against Chinese interference might look like
A motion brought by CPC foreign affairs critic Michael Chong, which passed Parliament last week, gives the government 30 days to come up with a plan — like Australia's — to fight foreign
(Chinese) interference and influence campaigns. What might that look like and will it come to pass?
Politics |November 24|
Nav Canada looking at cutting air traffic controller jobs at 7 towers across Canada
NAV Canada, hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, is considering cutting air traffic controllers jobs at seven towers across Canada in an effort to save money as the global health crisis continues to
pummel air traffic.
Politics |November 24|
NATO holds its breath as Trump plans for January withdrawal from Afghanistan
The NATO principle of one-for-all and all-for-one was the reason it — and by extension Canada — went into Afghanistan, but that assumption is being sorely tested by a U.S. administration that is in a
hurry to wind things up.
Politics |November 24|
Canada has turned back 4,400 asylum seekers in 5 years
Politics |November 24
Get informed on the top stories of the day in one quick scan
November 24
CRA warns 213,000 Canadians that they might have to pay back CERB overpayments
Politics |November 23|
COVID-19 vaccine race is a long way from over, and human challenge trials still have a role to play
Opinion |November 24|
Indigenous man and granddaughter handcuffed at Vancouver bank file human rights complaint against BMO, police
Canada -British Columbia |November 24
Doctor says Alberta is at a 'crisis point' in COVID-19 pandemic
November 23
Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Nov. 23
Canada |November 24|
David Dinkins, New York City's 1st Black mayor, dies at 93
World |November 24
Ken Jennings taking over as interim Jeopardy! host
Entertainment |November 24
Biden's presidential transition can formally begin, U.S. agency says
World |November 24
A scammer took him for $3,000 — then his bank went into his TFSA to pay for it
Business |November 23
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News |November 12
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Big box stores use loopholes in Ontario’s COVID-19 restrictions
9 hours ago
How COVID-19 has changed Wuhan
9 hours ago
Some CERB recipients left homeless after social assistance cut off
9 hours ago
Trump allows co-operation in presidential transition as Biden chooses cabinet
9 hours ago
Long lines lead to changes at Sunshine Village
18 hours ago
Cost, efficacy, logistics factor into vaccine rollout, epidemiologist says
21 hours ago
Wuhan, China marks 10 months since COVID-19 lockdown 
21 hours ago
Trump campaign continues legal challenges over election
1 day ago
Youth sports lose millions to fraud from within
1 day ago
Prioritizing access to COVID-19 vaccines in Canada
1 day ago
More CBC News
Anxiety, criticism greet arrival of Liberals' revamped commercial rent relief program
Jordan Press
Politics |November 24|
Why the Raptors nailed free agency
Jesse Campigotto
Sports -Basketball -NBA |November 23|
Coronavirus Brief
The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for Nov. 23
Canada |November 23
Federal government to deliver economic, fiscal update on Nov. 30
Jordan Press
Politics |November 23|
National grief strategy needed to help Canadians cope with loss due to COVID-19, group says
Talia Ricci
Canada -Toronto |November 23|
Michigan certifies Biden victory as Trump's hopes of overturning election fade
World |November 24|
As COVID-19 cases rise, N.L. and P.E.I. exit Atlantic bubble for at least 2 weeks
Taryn Grant
Canada -Nova Scotia |November 24|
Biden reportedly chooses ex-Fed chair Janet Yellen to lead treasury, as other cabinet picks announced
World |November 23|
CBC News Network
November 24
GM to recall about 7 million pickups, SUVs for faulty air bag inflators
Business |November 23
'I felt like an object': Women behind shocking Chiarelli report tell their stories
Joanne Chianello
Canada -Ottawa |November 23
COVID-19 lockdowns have little impact on rising greenhouse gas trend, UN agency warns
Technology & Science |November 23|
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#223 +(747)- [X]
<[azn]> i am valid victorian
#843 +(483)- [X]
*** Joins: SYch0 (
<SYch0> coo
<SYch0> just put my old computer in my new case
<ikk|q3a> wow!
<TheFlux2k> duz it magically run faster?
<SYch0> butholes
<SYch0> wtf do I even talk to u ppl
*** Quits: SYch0 ( <k!15b7>)
#2993 +(156)- [X]
<michael-> Of the city's 11,500 firefighters, 2.7 percent are black and 3.2 percent Hispanic
<michael-> reeediculous
<maff> that's because their darker skin color attracts the heat
#4738 +(1640)- [X]
* Synoptica bangs OutLore and Lord-Data
[Synoptica] fuck
[Synoptica] no i dont
* Synoptica bangs OutLore and Lord-Data's heads together
#5420 +(883)- [X]
<Psifire> I got out of the shower and put my universal studios shirt on.
<Psifire> And something occured to me.
<Vykuzich> pants?
#7090 +(287)- [X]
<CrashCat> I could never place a personal ad.  I would live on p0rn and irc before I got that far.  oh
#7711 +(462)- [X]
<sc1> the video was compressed at 5fps
<sc1> jesus this sucks
<asmodius> Jesus can't help with sucky frame rates. Trust me on that one.
<asmodius> He's pretty useless when it comes to video compression rates.
#14755 +(27)- [X]
<morbid> shh we are sleeping.
<myn> morbid you awake?
#15713 +(139)- [X]
<{Mantis}> we had an interesting conversation once while we were both doing
  nitrous balloons...
<{Mantis}> pure...pharamsuetical grade nitrous I might add
<{Mantis}> we were in the middle of this awesome conversation and then we both
  looked up and here walking up to us....was this naked woman who was painted
  from head to toe as a cheetah...
<{Mantis}> with wiskers and all...I thought I was hallucinating...and then she
  walked up to me...and reached out and said...."can I have some of your
<{Mantis}> I was so startled I let it go......and it went zinnning around,....
<{Mantis}> she went I'll have to blow and another one...
#15817 +(211)- [X]
<RikisuuDelta> i'm glad my parents dont play quake, they'd frag my ass and tell me it's dinner time
#16400 +(120)- [X]
Ebyan: Dude, Yahoo! Monopoly would be the absolute shit
HolyViper7: Yahoo! Bukkake would be the absolute shit.
#18164 +(686)- [X]
<LaBOMBa> I forfeited a wrestling match to this dude becuase his name was Dick Harden
#22301 +(584)- [X]
<maddox> You know what I hate?  Programs that pretend like they're sentient beings.  Ftp daemons are the
worst.. you type "bye" and it responds: "221 bye bye".. or your login fails and you execute a command, it
says "log in first, then I might let you do that."  Yeah?  Well echo "fuck you" > /usr/bin/ftp
<professor> hahaha.
<maddox> "bzip2: I won't write compressed data to a terminal."
<maddox> no, "you" won't write anything because you can't.  You're a piece of shit binary written by a
lonely programmer who has seen 2001 too many fucking times.
#23026 +(597)- [X]
<Sugizo> "Bother" said Pooh. "j00s 4ll my bi4tch3s"
#27481 +(42)- [X]
<freeweed> NEVER try to add your C: to winamp all at once
<freeweed> it really fucks things up
#40095 +(1123)- [X]
<Alwyn Aldarion> X are you deaf or what ?
<MegamanX2K> Yes. Yes, I am deaf. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to read anything written on screen,
because I have trained a parrot to read whatever is on my screen so I can browse the web while at the same
time spying on the cute girl next door while she's changing AND her equally cute sister who is also
changing AT THE SAME TIME. So, yes, I was unable to hear your enlightening post. I apologize.
#43113 +(622)- [X]
<Murdercules> once, i accidently walked in on my sister when she was taking a shower, and i saw her tities
and her body, i was like, damn! who's that fine chick in my shower, then i saw my sister's face, and i was
like, damn, i didn't know my sister was that hot
#45221 +(240)- [X]
<xcham> I'm going to move to the middle east and start a gentleman's club
<xcham> and call it "the Gaza Strip"
#48025 +(199)- [X]
<Rainwulf> 89 percent of statistics are made up
<GoofyShiVr> Rainwulf: the other 21% cant count
#50253 +(260)- [X]
<Bemlet> he respects subtilty. you just have to use a lot of it at once.
#54253 +(481)- [X]
<MicrophoneJoe> Fuck me Bowmer is fat
<MicrophoneJoe> Are you talking about masturbation ZoK?
<ZoK> What else takes about 5 mins and involves lubrication?
<MicrophoneJoe> Bowmer putting on a T-Shirt
#57925 +(222)- [X]
<Slime> Smearing your weiner in dog food and going over to Rex does not count as losing your virginity
<Slime> Trust me, I should know
<Slime> You should have seen the faces at the hospital when I asked where the "Ward for People Who Have
Had Their Penises Chewed On By Dogs"
#59663 +(150)- [X]
<Jedi_Vader20> anyone know where I can find some goo pr0n?
<PuffinFreshWog> have you tried the internet?
<Jedi_Vader20> whoops
#74578 +(374)- [X]
<b1u3> we got this admin dance that never fails to eventually resurrect a crashed database server
#75614 +(153)- [X]
<r4ge> i just connect to or
<r4ge> lucky dip ;D
<_Godless_> I thought I was taking a lucky dip once
<_Godless_> then I got herpes
#77325 +(117)- [X]
<Volksweasel> how odd...everyone appears to be...DEAD!!
* Volksweasel runs away screaming!
<Corin> hmm thats the way the thriller video turns out isnt it?
#78835 +(385)- [X]
<+MrCuban-> File Server Online Trigger:« @ILOVETHECOCK » Sends:«0» Queues:«0/15» MOTD: -= over 75gig of
gay porn !!! =- —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—
<@Ostritch-> @ILOVETHECOCK
<scissors> Hahaha your a gay lover
« Ostritch- » ?
« Ostritch- » no i wanted to erm
« Ostritch- » download porn
« Ostritch- » for a friend of a friend
« Ostritch- » who has a gay
« Ostritch- » cousin
<scissors> LOL
#82057 +(220)- [X]
Crackuh83: i drank half a bottle of vodka.
babibuterfli: r u ok?
Crackuh83: yeah i'm fine.
babibuterfli: thats no good
Crackuh83: i was fine.
Crackuh83: didn't piss blood or anything
Crackuh83: didn't really get a hangover.
babibuterfli: still shouldn't drink that much
Crackuh83: it gives your liver super powers
babibuterfli: no it doesn't
#82162 +(133)- [X]
ramoth4: I can write the class and the functions for it
ramoth4: and you can use the class to put them on the page
CHz16: Ahh. So, you get backend, and I get frontend?
ramoth4: hai, so desu
CHz16: *hopes no one ever finds my last quote and interprets it suggestively*
ramoth4: rotflmfao
#100796 +(495)- [X]
* Evil-PR-Director changes topic to 'IRC - Where the men are men, the women are men, and anyone under 18
has a .gov ident.'
#102467 +(236)- [X]
<foo-busy> besides, saying you're a vb programmer around true geeks is like saying you're gay at the
mormon's men convention. seeya later
#105259 +(203)- [X]
<Zenholder> JavaScript kicks ass
<Nanobot> JavaScript sucks ass
<Nanobot> You were off by two letters
#106768 +(170)- [X]
< GrandTheft> What would be an example of an iptables rule that would allow anything and everything to
come into the computer?
< tewmten> ehm.. iptables -f perhaps?
< GrandTheft> hmm let me try that
| GrandTheft [Grand@] quit #slackware [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
#108825 +(314)- [X]
(@^duckman^) shit i ate soap brb
#116528 +(946)- [X]
<dw> wtf is bukakke?
<Nightfly> dw: Allow all of us to demonstrate.
#123721 +(597)- [X]
<Mutation> wow, only 260 quotes pending on bash...
<Mutation> i think its a sign of the end times...
<Mutation> when it hit's zero jesus returns to us in the form of a nigger joke
#153553 +(244)- [X]
<KoNrAdEk> in november turn 21
<KoNrAdEk> so 16 pretty young for me
<spoko_bre> true true
<spoko_bre> but 16 is the freshest u can get without getting g-lined from society
<KoNrAdEk> yea thats true
<KoNrAdEk> but parents could try to give me ban -noexpire
<KoNrAdEk> but i just see her on the other channel
<KoNrAdEk> and baaaaaaaang
<spoko_bre> hahahah
<spoko_bre> yes!
<spoko_bre> sneaky cunt
<spoko_bre> give parents trojan
<spoko_bre> and u can sneak into the house
<spoko_bre> and fuck daughter
<KoNrAdEk> yes x
<KoNrAdEk> hahahhahahahaa
<spoko_bre> and then sneak out
<KoNrAdEk> get her pregnant
<KoNrAdEk> and change nicks
<KoNrAdEk> no1 will kno its me
#218462 +(432)- [X]
[CaSiNo] wtf is the trivia game?
[Hellz] type /wuit to start it
::: quit: (Hellz) (Quit: —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515)
#246467 +(953)- [X]
<Thiefmaster> Fucking hell man
<Pegster> what?
<Thiefmaster> my brother just blew a mouse up in the microwave
<Thiefmaster> he thought he could warm up his mouse for feeding the snake
<Thiefmaster> iam glad stupidty passed to the youngest in the family
<Thiefmaster> godamm the whole house smells like death mouse
#251985 +(172)- [X]
<dlanod> The great thing about aural sex is that you can play it by ear.
#270224 +(3151)- [X]
<omgwtf> did you guys hear about that actress who got stabbed
<omgwtf> reese
<omgwtf> reese something
<Boon> witherspoon?
<omgwtf> no with a knife
<omgwtf> HAHA!
#345591 +(223)- [X]
<Anla_Shok> hmm, i guess i just prefer a landrover to a marriage
<Anla_Shok> unless the marriage comes with a landrover
<Anla_Shok> then i would have to rethink
#351098 +(835)- [X]
[+BaByGiRL]: A woman enroled in nursing school is attending an anatomy class. The subject of the day is
involuntary muscles. The instructor, hoping to perk up the students a bit, asks the woman if she knows
what her asshole does when she has an orgasm.
[+BaByGiRL]: "Sure!" she says, "He's at home taking care of the kids..."
#402200 +(1860)- [X]
<oobey> my school year is off to a great start
<oobey> I was in the back of my physics auditorium, trying not to fall completely asleep. The professor
asks a question about what method we use when doing math in science, so to pretend like I'm not falling
alseep, I shout out "sig figs"
<oobey> I then open my eyes and realize the prof is currently talking about vectors and scalars, so the
question was dreamed, but the answer was not, and the entire class has come to a complete stop now
<oobey> at this point I'm at a loss as to what to do, so I pick up my bag and walk out without saying
another word
#548837 +(517)- [X]
<rhc> apparently it's rude if
<rhc> somebody asks if you have a light
<rhc> and you reply: "yes, but it's at the end of the tunnel"
#603907 +(1638)- [X]
<kikuichimonji> The cook book said to clean the turkey
<kikuichimonji> the oven had a clean button
#714566 +(1226)- [X]
[Sam] Damnit, no sex for me tonight.
[Ven] In the doghouse?
[Sam] No, she has roommates and I have roommates, but she was supposed to go to her sisters tonight to
babysit and I was going to go over after the kid went to sleep. He's like 1 and a half so he sleeps at
like 7.
[Ven] So what's the problem?
[Sam] Her sister cancelled cause of the crappy weather.
[Nat has joined the chat 19:12]
[Sam] So no sister so no sex for me.
[Nat] You're all such sick fucks, I'm not coming in here anymore.
[Nat has left the chat 19:13]
[Sam] ...
#759858 +(1351)- [X]
<KaiserPanda> spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can
<KaiserPanda> clings to walls, licks his balls
<KaiserPanda> but not at the same time or else he faaaaalls!
#829281 +(7260)- [X]
ruide: hey chris, stop fuckin cybering and let me show you something
cyph33r: what
cyph33r: i dont cyber cockbite, i have a gf
ruide: haha
cyph33r: what did you want to show me
ruide: i made an account on that scrabble website you go to
ruide: bubblegal_14
cyph33r: wtf
cyph33r: omg fuck you you fucking prick
ruide: chrisharker: i slide two fingers into your tight asshole
ruide: chrisharker: i've never done this before, am i doing it right?
#877181 +(452)- [X]
<@stuartf> I just went and got a coke, the machine is one of the ones
                 with the conveyor belt in it and there was already a coke on
                 the belt
<@stuartf> if you buy anything to the left of the drink on the belt you
                 get what's already on the belt and your drink is left there
<@stuartf> if you buy anything to the right you get your drink and the
                 one on the belt remains
<@stuartf> if you drop another drink on the one that's already on the
                 belt the output is undefined
<@[M]oon> classic divide by coke error
<@PowerOfCheese[w]> this is a classic coke-in-the-middle attack
<@[M]oon> trojan coke
<@PowerOfCheese[w]> diet coke injection attack
<@Edgar_work> damnit, I wanted a water and got pinapple fanta
<@[M]oon> ahh. it got edgar

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